Additional Services

My goal is to share the transformative power of sound therapy in as many ways as possible. Below, you’ll find a range of services I offer, including educational seminars, interactive workshops, corporate programs and events, as well as personalized consultations for hotels and spas looking to offer sound therapy to their clients.

Training Seminars

Our training seminars cater to a diverse audience, welcoming both beginners and seasoned professionals. They provide comprehensive knowledge in the theory and practice of sound therapy, with a special emphasis on Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, and Gongs. Attendees not only gain valuable insights and hands-on experience but also receive a certificate of attendance upon completing the seminar. This certification is a testament to their learned skills and understanding in the field of sound therapy.

Talks and Workshops

These interactive workshops are tailored to the needs of your group, be it schools, educational institutions, wellness workshops and festivals and other events. Participants have an active role in the workshop, and at the end of the event they feel they have received sound therapy practices and important information that they can use in their daily lives for wellness and relaxation.

Consultation for Hotels & Spa Centers

Upgrade the wellness offerings of your hotel or spa by incorporating sound therapy into your wellness services. My services range from training your staff in the theory and practice of sound therapy with specific protocols, to consulting on creating the right space and selecting the appropriate sound therapy equipment, ensuring a unique, comprehensive and enriching experience for your clients.

Corporate Events

Transform your corporate events with a touch of uniqueness and rejuvenation through personalized workshops and sound therapy sessions. Tailored to enhance team-building, these workshops are the perfect solution for reducing stress, boosting creativity, and fostering a sense of unity among colleagues. Whether as a stand-alone event or integrated into corporate retreats, workshops, outings, or wellness days, they offer a distinctive and beneficial experience for all participants.


Feel free to get in touch in case you have any questions or want to discuss further details about the services listed.